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June 07, 2021

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Online Download Manager - is a universal download manager with options to download video, music, images, docs, pdf and many more file types directly from the page your are visiting.

Free 7 days Trial for paid functions, no charges after trial ends!

All-in-one download tool
• Video downloader
• Music and mp3 downloader
• Documents downloader
• Image downloader
• Cloud sync
• Batch link downloader - meet NEW and FREE feature!
• Many more…

★ Video downloader ★

Our video downloader lets you find and save any video across the Web.
Just open extensions popup on the site with the desired video, go to the Video tab and select video(s) you want to save.
Supports most of popular web sites.
• Supports MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, WEBM, ASF, MPG and many others.
• Saving multiple videos simultaneously - just select several videos and download them all with a single click.
• You can view or listen the file before downloading video - we added a built-in player.
• You can control on which sites video downloader will work - Sniffer Control on Options page lets you specify how and where.
Video Downloader DOES NOT work for YouTube website or any other YouTube videos embedded in other websites due to Google policies and restrictions.

★ Documents downloader ★

Documents downloader lets you download founded docs - all founded files will be listed in the pop-up.
Supports the following file types: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt, .epub, .rtf, .fb2, .xls, .txt, .odt, .tex, .docm, .xlr, .xlt, .xlsx, .xml, .wks.
Cloud sync also works with documents downloader.

★ Audio and mp3 downloader ★

Audio downloader allows you to get any mp3, song or audio from a website where you can playback it. We do support most of the mp3 collections worldwide.
How to use: playback the song on a site and open the extension Popup to find and save the audio.
We made Bulk Mp3 grab module - this feature lets you select a number of audios on the page and download them simultaneously with a single click.
Songs downloader supports most of music web sites and services.
Added support for VK - saving audio and mp3 from VK pages.
For quick and convenient downloading of VK music in the pop-up window you need to go to the VK “Music” page or use the music search, all the songs displayed on the page will be available in the extension window on the “Music” tab. You just have to select the necessary songs and download them.
MP3 & Audio module DOES NOT work to download from YouTube website or any other YouTube videos embedded in other websites due to Google, YouTube and Chrome web store policies and restrictions.

★ Download manager ★

Online Download Manager is a powerful and fast tool to save and manage files.
You can control, access and manage all your current downloads right in extensions interface
It is a kind of download master for your browser.
Here is part of the features which we prepared for ODM users:
• High quality and pleasant interface design. We spent a lot of time to make the most user-friendly interface.
• Individual control during uploading: Start | Continue | Cancel | Retry
• Fast access to the folder with loaded files.
• Opening the required file from the extension.
• Information during the process: Time | File size | Download speed | Total progress | Audio bitrate | Video quality
• Filter list by status: Deleted | Canceled | Errors | Paused | In progress
• Live search through the downloads list.
• The extended list of settings to customize the extension.
• Information during the process: Time | File size | Download speed | Total progress | Audio bitrate | Video quality
• Filter list by status: Deleted | Canceled | Errors | Paused | In progress
• Live search through the downloads list.
• The extended list of settings to customize the extension.

★ Image Downloader ★

Images and pictures downloader lets users search and download all the images on the page.
No matter which site your are visiting - bulk image downloader should detect most of pictures on the site.
Just open ODM pop-up on image sniffer tab and press “On”.
After adding picture downloader on the page you can:
• See all images from the page content and links to the images.
• Select all images with one click using “Select all” and "Download All" buttons.
• Use image actions buttons to:
• download a single image
• open images in a new tab
• copy direct image link.
• On-air images update - pictures downloader detects images while you scroll the pages, all new images will be added in the Image sniffer interface and will be ready for downloading.
• Find tons of pictures on the desired topic.
• Save many high-resolution pictures simultaneously.
• Find and Save pictures at tumblr.com without login.
• Show or Save all pictures on a website simultaneously.
• Get images from any website.
• Works with background images, images from HTML markup, CSS sprites and many more. Cheers, Web Devs!
• Very convenient image list preview. You can:

- copy an image link
- open an image in a new tab for viewing
- place interface on any side of the screen
- change interface width\height by dragging the window
- When you press the "Download" button, all selected images will be saved in the default folder in a single .zip package, or in a directory inside it, if you enable “Save Folder” feature in ODM.

Image Sniffer supports most popular sites: Flickr, Tumblr, Shutterstock, Google Pictures, Yandex images, Fotolia, photosight, 500px, etc.
Aliexpress images could also be downloaded with our module. Amazon images could be downloaded too.

★ Download router - files sorting system ★

Sorting system for downloaded files is a system that automatically distributes the files to the appropriate sub-folders in the Downloads folder depending on files type.
If you download PDF, doc, txt, XML - such files will be placed in “Documents” folder.
Images will go into “pictures” folder, mp4 - into “Video” folder and so on.
You can manage all the rules on your own! You can also add your own rule - how, where and what kind of files will be saved.
Filtering depends on the domain the file was downloaded from – it will be available in Pro subscription in upcoming updates.

★ Cloud synchronization ★

Now you can save web content to Google Drive or Dropbox directly from the extension`s popup.
We use Google Drive and Dropbox APIs - so you can safely login to your account.
To use this feature you need:

1. Subscribe to "Ultra" or “Life Time”
2. Log-in to one of the cloud storages from the extensions options page. (Cloud Sync tab)
3. Go to any page, find content
4. Open ODM pop-up, transfer necessary item and press “Upload to cloud” button.

★ Batch link downloader ★

Meet batch link downloader built-in to ODM - absolutely free for all users.
Now you can simply download many files having only direct links.
You can write links manually or upload links list in any of the formats: .csv, .json, .xls, .xlsx, .txt, with line breaks.
How to use it?

1. Open the "Batch link downloader" page from the extension pop-up.
2. Upload links list or enter links manually in the text area below.
3. Check links to be available and working - use the "Check links" button for it.
4. Download the necessary files.

ODM will become your favourite internet download manager.
“Multi-threaded Download Acceleration” - we are working hard to release this feature as soon as possible.
Stay tuned and get fresh news about ODM at our homepage https://download-manager.online

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