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February 28, 2023

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version 2.0.4  - Download ZIP file

version 1.0.6  - Download ZIP file

version 1.0.7  - Download ZIP file


This is the simple and quick version of the renowned “Awesome Screenshot” extension.

Want to share your screen for cases like reporting technical issues, making product demos or how-to tutorials 【quickly】? Here are 7️⃣ reasons to choose Awesome Screenshot tool

1️⃣ Provide stable service for more than 10 years
2️⃣Loved by more than 3 millions users across different platforms ????
3️⃣ Easy to use with shortcuts
4️⃣ No ads and respect your privacy
5️⃣Powerful features special designed for taking a screenshot quickly
6️⃣Quick Customer support
7️⃣ Most importantly, your voice matters! ???? & Continuous improvements

Here are some features for this simple "Awesome screenshot"

???????????? Capture Screenshot ????????????

???? Screen Capture
▸ Capture a screenshot of the page you visit, full page, selected area or visible part
▸ Capture a screenshot of your entire screen or a specific application window (coming soon)
▸ Capture visible part, entire screen or app window after delay (Coming soon)

???? Annotate Screenshot
▸ Resize or crop a screenshot to the size you need
▸ Annotate your screenshot with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines, etc.
▸ Add text to your screenshot with or without background color, change text font and font size
▸ Blur sensitive information on your screenshot
▸ Highlight important part on your screenshot
▸ Select a local image or paste a copied image from your clipboard to annotate

???? Copy & Save Screenshot
▸ Save screenshot as image in PNG or download screenshot as PDF
▸ Copy a screenshot directly when capturing selected area for quick pasting

???? Contact us????

Shoot a message to [email protected] if you experience any problem. Let us know your thoughts! Thank you.

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