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Ecosia Dark-Mode



Gaëtan M.







May 24, 2021

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A simple chrome extension to activate a dark mode to the ecosia search engine. This extension allows to toggle a dark mode to the 'ecosia.org' site and includes a "new tab" page in dark also.
Ecosia is a search engine that uses the profits generated by your online research to plant trees where the need is greatest. They have a free browser extension for you to save the planet: https://bit.ly/2xmtfVl

You simply have to install the chrome extension. In the extention popup, you can enable or disable the dark mode.

Please feel free to offer me ideas or let me know about potential issues here: https://github.com/gmirmand/ecosia-dark-mode/issues

To support me in the development of the extension: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/gmirmand

Update logs:
v1.5.3 > 25/05/2021
Fix some stylish issue due to ecosia update
v1.5.2 > 03/02/2021
Refactoring and improvement of some features + donation button ????
v1.5.1 > 03/02/2021
Hotfix issue
v1.4.1 > 16/07/2020
Fix some stylish issue due to ecosia update
v1.4.0 > 11/03/2020
Add a Google Analytics solution for usefull information retrieve (RGPD Free)
v1.3.2 > 09/03/2020
Fix some stylish issue due to ecosia update
v1.3.1 > 30/11/2019
Fix some stylish issue due to ecosia update
v1.3.0 > 04/11/2019
Add french translation
v1.2.3 > 31/07/2019
Fix some stylish issue due to ecosia update
v1.2.2 > 17/06/2019
Fix some stylish issue due to ecosia update
v1.2.1 > 06/06/2019
Fix some stylish issue due to ecosia update
v1.2.0 > 01/06/2019
Add dark-mode to the 'new tab' page
v1.1.6 > 01/06/2019
Fix some stylish issues
v1.1.5 > 09/04/2019
Previously, we use the tabs function/permissions to retrieve the domain name. However, this requires the user to share his history which is bad. So here is a fix to do it in another way
v1.1.4 > 09/04/2019
Alert message more relevant and a little graphic fix
v1.1.3 > 30/03/2019
Blocking the extension (and user alerting) if we are not on ecosia.org domain
v1.1.2 > 28/03/2019
Add preventive alerts
v1.1.1 > 24/03/2019
Fix some stylish issue due to ecosia update
Add a Google form in extension popup

We already have ideas such as:
>Add translation
>Dark-mode switch impact 'new tab' page
>Switch to allow dark mode to activate itself from a certain time
>Propose to choose activation slots
>Choose the color variables

Feel free to consult the github to propose evolutions / improvements

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