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February 26, 2017

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version  - Download ZIP file

version 6.9  - Download ZIP file

version 6.7  - Download ZIP file

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----New In Version ----
✓ Fix major issues and comply with google terms.

----New In Version
✓ Fix major issues.

----New In Version 6.9----
✓ Fix Audio issue, and add new feature "MORE" translations and examples.

----New In Version 6.6----
✓ Fix issues.

----New In Version 6.5----
✓ Fix issues, and add more features, fix mymemory.translated.net api.

----New In Version 6.5----
✓ Fix major issues, and add more features.

----New In Version 6.2----
✓ Fix minor issues, remove unneeded permissions.

Translator Application - Special Edition
This version handled by NiceDefinition.com, and it's a continue of the great work of Bubble Translate Extension (GPL), atcually it's Bubble Translate but with some changes and fixes, so I must pass a great thanks to {Bubble Translate}.

----New In Version 5.8----
✓ Fix audio in Https sites. and other minor changes
----New In Version 1.1----
✓ Add source service selection, now you can select the translation service from "google" service or "Translated.net" service.
Real-Time & inline text translator (All Languages) from any language to your Language.
Translate a selection of text inside any website and view the result without leaving the page.

✓ Multi Sources of translations.
✓ Almost all languages supported.
✓ Auto Detect the language.
✓ Inline translation of text.
✓ Real-time Translations and Dictionary new.
✓ Full website translation.
✓ Multiples shortcuts with different languages new.
✓ Customization: Themes and Shortcuts.
✓ Hide Icon Option new.
✓ Popup menu.


It is simple, use the popup menu to access the different functions or simply select the text and use the shortcuts to make inline translations to multimples languages.

You can configure Bubble Translate to hide the icon in your addres bar and simply use shortcuts OR specify the function when you click the icon.

Bubble Translate use http://translate.google.com/ and http://translated.net for inline and Real-Time translations.

supported Languages:
All languages supported by Google Translate and translated.net.

By installing this application you agree that this Extension/Application can open some sponsor pages within your browser.

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