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June 02, 2021

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The new season has just started!
We saved previous season results here: play2048.pro/leaderboard
Take a chance and compete on the new season! Be the best!

The extension is an original 2048 puzzle game in popup. It is accessible on a browser panel. The 2048 game also has additional mods and it is absolutely for free!

How to play:
User arrows or wasd keys on your keyboard to move tiles. Merge them to create a tile with the number 2048. Every turn, a new tile will randomly appear in an empty spot on the board with a value of either 2 or 4.

After you get 2048 you can continue. Get a greater tile and submit your high score! Be best at the world's top!

Game Mods and features:

- Global LeaderBoard with over 1 000 000 best results from players all over the world.
- New season starts each year!
- Comprehensive Anti-Cheat system. It uses several parameters and works on the server side.
- UNDO. You can undo moves during the game or after game over. But they are not for free! You can buy a different number of Undo moves in our store.
- Use Undo's wisely! Players in Top 100 who used Undo's have an undo icon

- Play online multiplayer 2048 versus other players in real time!
Get points as fast as you can!
- The one who is 1000 points ahead over 30 seconds - WINS!
- Global ladder with different leagues.
- Matchmaking system is based on ELO
- Only real players, no bots!
- Try different tactics to be the smartest and the fastest TOP 1 Worldwide 2048 player! :)

Battle Royal
- Up to 10 players play online multiplayer Battle Royale 2048.
- Every 30 seconds the player with the lowest score is out.
- Be the last man standing!

Private Lobby
- Play only with your friends for fun! It is Unranked.
- Host or join friends' lobbies and play privately. How is the best?

- Combine tiles as fast as possible to beat your own records and other players.

Please report any bugs you see to [email protected]

Multiplayer game concept and code are copyrighted by © Macte! Labs Inc.

Please, do not use our code without our permission!

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