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February 10, 2021

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version 9.7  - Download ZIP file

version 9.6  - Download ZIP file

version 9.5  - Download ZIP file

version 9.4  - Download ZIP file

version 7.10  - Download ZIP file

version 7.9  - Download ZIP file

version 7.8  - Download ZIP file

version 7.7  - Download ZIP file

version 7.6  - Download ZIP file

version 7.5  - Download ZIP file

version 7.4  - Download ZIP file

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version 7.2  - Download ZIP file

version 7.1  - Download ZIP file

version 7.0  - Download ZIP file

version 6.19  - Download ZIP file

version 5.8  - Download ZIP file

version 5.6  - Download ZIP file

version 5.4  - Download ZIP file

version 5.3  - Download ZIP file

version 5.2  - Download ZIP file

version 5.0  - Download ZIP file

version 4.3  - Download ZIP file

version 4.2  - Download ZIP file

version 4.1  - Download ZIP file

version 4.0  - Download ZIP file

version 3.3  - Download ZIP file

version 6.17  - Download ZIP file

version 6.16  - Download ZIP file

version 6.15  - Download ZIP file

version 6.14  - Download ZIP file

version 6.13  - Download ZIP file

version 6.12  - Download ZIP file

version 6.11  - Download ZIP file

version 6.4  - Download ZIP file

version 5.9  - Download ZIP file


Keywords Everywhere is a freemium chrome extension that helps you with Keyword Research.

It shows you monthly search volume, CPC & competition data on 10+ websites. It has multiple built in tools to find keywords from your seed keyword, and to show you keywords that any page or domain ranks for in the SERPs.

Free users: Keywords Everywhere shows you the Trend chart, Related keywords, "people also search for", Trending keywords & long-tail keywords in widgets on the right hand side of Google. They can also see the estimated organic traffic and the top 5000 keywords for all pages & websites on Google. On YouTube, they can also see the Search Insights widget, as well as the Tags widget. They have access to all the "Keyword Finder" tools.

Paid users: To see monthly search volume, CPC, competition & trend data, users need to purchase credits. 10+ websites that are supported are list on the homepage at https://keywordseverywhere.com. Paid users also see the historical search volume (from 2004) along with the trend chart.

For a complete change-log for this extension please visit https://keywordseverywhere.com/changelog.html

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