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4s Product Finder

The Smartest Amazon Research Tool For FBA Sellers

Search on Bookmark

Incremental search Bookmarks from Toolbar Button.

StoryWorth - record your family stories

StoryWorth is the easiest way to privately record your family stories.

Bookmark Manager Plus

Search bookmarks and do whatever you can imagine.

Grey Tab

A small but growing collection of neat tricks for debugging force.com applications.

TTS Engine using Google Translate™

Uses Google Translate™ to provide a voice.

NHentai Downloader

A chrome extension to download doujinshi from NHentai


The new kind of zoo puzzle for toddlers and preschoolers!


A dark rounded and glossy looking theme.

Mass Downloader For Instagram™ Photos Videos

Batch download instagram Instagram™ posts, photos and videos to your computer in one click!

SignNow for Google Drive

SignNow lets you sign documents online with your electronic signature from any device.

Free Phone Tracker

Download FFree Phone Tracker and Track on cell phones

Search for flights

Search for flights from 728 airlines, booking systems 5, 15 agencies Pick and choose what suits you best.

Color Mail

An easy tool to help you send colour styled emails to your friends for occasions.

Video Speed Controller

Speed up, slow down, advance and rewind any HTML5 video with quick shortcuts.


Pictographr Addon for Google Sheets

My Roundcube webmail

A chrome app link to your Roundcube installation.

Open In IntelliJ

Open files from Chrome Devtools in IntelliJ IDEs (Webstorm, PHPStorm etc.)

Photo Gallerify

A simple extension that creates a gallery from a page that contains photos.


为贴吧的环境清洁做点微小的工作,屏蔽贴吧广告,拉黑用户, 贴吧简洁化

Resident Evil 3 Remake Wallpapers RE3 New Tab

Resident Evil 3 Remake Wallpapers New Tab is custom newtab with RE3 Remake backgrounds. Themes made for Resident Evil 3 Remake fans.

Sync Tab Groups

Sync Tab Groups is an easy way to manage all your tabs. You group, organize, search and active them easily.

WSC Traffic Checker

Free extension to get the number of daily and monthly visits to any website

No Search For

Remove the 'People also search for' element on google search

Tsetmc pro

افزونه تی اس ای تی ام سی پیشرفته فونت سایت tsetmc را زیباتر و یکسری امکانات ویژه به آن اضافه میکند.

Manga Downloader

Download Manga/Manhua/Manhwa/Webtoons/Comics chapters as PDF/ZIP(images) from many websites.

[email protected]&Kaine

Emil & Kaine From Nier Replicant/Gestalt 『ニーア レプリカント』(NieR Replicant)、『ニーア ゲシュタルト』(NieR…


Vert is the perfect Chrome theme for the lover of the color green.

디시 엿보기

디시인사이드 게시글, 댓글 미리보기가 가능합니다. 사용 시 cpu 사용량, 소모 데이터 양이 올라갈 수 있습니다.

Image Editor for Google Chrome™

Install for edit your images quickly.


Captures requests and sends them to the WrapAPI service to be turned into APIs. For more information, visit http://wrapapi.com

Pyramid Solitaire

The Pyramid is a popular solitaire-type game. Remove as many cards from the pyramid as you can, as fast as you can. Pick cards that…

Super Club Penguin

Permite que Super Club Penguin se ejecute automáticamente en Adobe Flash Player.

Clipboard Inserter

A simple addon that inserts clipboard contents into the page. Uses icon made by Google from www.flaticon.com licensed by CC 3.0 BY

Overwatch Hanzo Backgrounds HD Custom New Tab

Enjoy Overwatch Hanzo wallpapers in custom new tab themes made for Overwatch Hanzo fans. Cool features, Overwatch Hanzo backgrounds.

Trade Value Calculator

Interactive Fantasy Football trade value calculator with values calculated by /u/PeakedInHighSkool

Fart Machine

Fart Machine is the ultimate free fun fart app!


VelocityLab works with the PocketLab sensor to measure the speed, velocity, acceleration, and position of moving objects. We built…

AMR Player With Google Drive

This AMR Player allows you to play AMR audio files on your browser directly. and you can convert AMR with WAV format.


Awesome theme for Atavi.com

Webinar Ninja

This Chrome extension is for Webinar Ninja, allowing you to share your screen during a webinar. Learn more at http://webinarninja.co

Teravoz Webphone

Com nosso Webphone, você pode integrar as funções de telefonia. Realize e receba chamadas e aumente a produtividade do atendimento.

Close Tab

A stationary button that closes the current tab. Clean up tabs with less effort.

Alita Battle Angel Wallpaper HD Custom NewTab

Alita Battle Angel Wallpapers New Tab is custom newtab with Alita Battle Angel backgrounds. Themes made for Alita Battle Angel fans.

StratPad Business Planning

Business planning made simple. Award-winning business plan software helps entrepreneurs quickly create professional business plans.

Content Security Policy (CSP) Generator

Automatically generate content security policy headers online for any website.

Impero Client Application 8.5.20

The Impero Education Pro Chrome Application enables you to manage and control devices running Google Chrome OS on your network…


Blackjack lovers should definitely not miss this game. The game's interface and graphics are very good.