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September 25, 2019

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version 1.8.0  - Download ZIP file


This extension provides a text box on any HTML page so that you can write CSS freely and immediately see the results. I use it every day for quick edits, product demos and other testing out new ideas.

The extension options allow you to set a default key command to open and close the editor; turn off the warning that is shown when you close the editor; and enable or disable the automatic saving of your changes when you close the editor.

Version 1.8.0 includes the following changes:
- The ability to set a default editor size
- Warnings and error messages when trying to use the editor in places that it won't work
- Improved the CSS to make sure it isn't impacted by other page CSS
- Use the Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts instead of a custom shortcut (BREAKING CHANGE)
- Code cleanup

Version 1.7.3 is mostly a version bump for manifest 2 support. It just brings it up to support the latest versions of Chrome.

Version 1.7 includes:
- Ability to move the window left / right as well as top / bottom.
- Support for RTL pages (forces LTR on the editor)
- Support for tab spacing in the editor
- other minor bug fixes

Version 1.6 includes the following:
- You can now save styles that you create for the pages you visit. When you come back to the page, the new styles will be applied instantly.
- The editor remembers the size of the editing box on a per url basis. If you've resized it, it will be the same size the next time you open it on that url.
- Customizations are now saved per URL instead of per domain

Version 1.5 includes the following updates:

- Support for tabs in the text area
- Support for https URLs
- You can disable the warning message
- It can remember your CSS changes, even after a refresh of the page
- A keyboard command (ctrl+shift+E) can open and close the editor
- You can configure the keyboard command in the options
- The chrome icon is colorized instead of black
- Faster, smoother operation and cleaner code
- International Language Support

Please update and try it out. You can follow @livecsseditor on twitter for updates and feedback. Thanks :)

Jeremy Hubert


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