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Fortnite Battle Royale New Tab Page










September 20, 2019

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version 1.3.4  - Download ZIP file


It's finally here, your amazing Fortnite Battle Royale tab page!
We happily created this great Fortnite Battle Royale extension for you, so we hope you will like using it!

We really hope your enjoy using this amazing Fortnite Battle Royale extension, cause we sure did work hard to create it.

Some of our latest Fortnite Battle Royale features:
*Interactive Games- play all the best games online. A great collection of games to play on your spare time - No need to go anywhere, all your favorite games are right here on the Fortnite Battle Royale new tab page.
*TDL and note pad- so you'll never forget your tasks. You can use your own new tab for all your notes, and get the exact time with our clock on your browser.
*Search bar - use it to search for everything online right off you new tab! Use the costume search bar to search anything you need online. No need to open a new tab, just search off your Fortnite Battle Royale new tab - fast and easy.

We want you to fully enjoy our awesome Fortnite Battle Royale extension's features, that's why you'll notice the re-configure in the layout and options of your new Fortnite Battle Royale tab page. That is needed so you can enjoy the full gateway to our gimmicks and updated.
This only means that your new tab page, will work better, be much more beautiful and full of great wallpapers and new features.

***Removal Fortnite Battle Royale extension from the software***
On the right top corner, you'll notice Fortnite Battle Royale icon. Press it, and select the removal option on the opened bar. You can also head over to the browser settings, and select the extension you want to remove, in this case this is the extension.

If you encounter any trouble with Fortnite Battle Royale extension, please get in touch with us for further info and help, we will be extremely glad to help with your questions/reviews. We will be more than pleased to hear what you think about our extension and figure out ways to improve it.

Have the best experience ever with Fortnite Battle Royale extension and Enjoy!

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