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September 16, 2019

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version 3.0.5  - Download ZIP file


It's finally here, your amazing new Lamborghini tab page! Welcome to Lamborghini, a customized pictures product for the supporters of Lamborghini, lambo and super cars. Enjoy a vast variety of pictures and many another first-rate features. We happily created this great Lamborghini extension for you, so we hope you will like using it!

We really hope your enjoy using this amazing Lamborghini extension, cause we sure did work hard to create it.

We wanted to create not only the best Lamborghini pic extension, but a really wonderful workplace environment for you to enjoy.

So we added a few new possibilities like a search bar, analog clock, location synced weather analysis and a wonderful collection of games to play on your spare time. Other than that, have fun using our top collection of first rate pics of your favored Lamborghini theme.

***search bar - use the costume search bar to search anything you need online. No need to open a new tab, just search off your Lamborghini new tab - fast and easy.

***analog clock and TDL - you can use your own new tab for all your notes, and get the exact time with our clock on your browser.

***a lovely collection of games to play on your spare time - No need to go far, all your favorite games are right here on the Lamborghini new tab page.

*** A huge collection of the worlds most beautiful Lamborghini wallpapers for you to see every time you open a new tab.

*How To Delete Our Lamborghini product*
If for any reason you wish to erase this Lamborghini extensions, you can do that by going to the add on board on your chrome settings and just delete the wanted add on.
You can also easily press the Lamborghini icon on the top right corner of your browser, and just select remove, easy as that.

By having this Lamborghini extension, you allow for changes to be made on your browser's new tab elements and appearance, nothing too drastic :)

This only means that your new Lamborghini tab page, will work better, be much more beautiful and full of great wallpapers and new features.

If you encounter any trouble, please get in touch with us for further info and help, we will be extremely happy to help with your questions/reviews. We are here to help and to support you, our loyal users :)
We will be more than pleased to hear what you think about our Lamborghini extension and figure out ways to improve it.

Thank you for your support, enjoy this awesome Lamborghini extension!

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