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June 24, 2021

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❤️️GMP is now available in English, Français, Italiano, Español, Português ,العربية ,中文 & 日本語❤️️

????Google Meet Plus is a must-have extension for Google Meet users. It provides users a way to collaborate, interact, and having fun with each other in real-time.????

Note that it does require participants to install GMP extension in order to see and interact with GMP features.

GMP offers two versions, GMP Basic which is free, and GMP PRO which requires a monthly subscription. GMP PRO features demo can be found here:

GMP PRO focuses on the needs of educators. Features like Task, Help Request, Breakout rooms, Attendance, Control Panel, Stats and many other features are tailored for modern educators to run their online classrooms stress-free and more efficiently. Many educators, schools and school districts across the globe have subscribed to GMP PRO and reported great success in their virtual teaching.

GMP Basic Features:

✅GMP Settings: Following settings can be configured as part of GMP Settings:
???? Configurable default microphone and camera state.
???? Press/Tap to mute or talk.
???? Buzz another GMP user and mute incoming buzz.
???? Change default meeting background.
???? Change language display from 7 available languages.
???? DO NOT DISTURB (DND) mode
???? Mute notification
???? One click reset
???? Meeting auto joining
???? Turn off video display to save CPU & GPU

✅Drag/Resize/Restore Video Tiles: GMP users can arrange video tiles by dragging the video tile anywhere on the screen, resize the tile to suitable sizes and restore to its original position and size when needed.

✅Dark Modes: Users can fine tune their desired varies dark modes

✅Show/Hide Bottom Bar: Ability to show and hide Google Meet's bottom bar

✅Reward/Redeem/Ranking/Points System: GMP users can earn points from the hosts and redeem their points with the prizes the hosts offer. Points and badges are ranked in the meeting.

✅Emoji Reaction: Enabling GMP users to react using some funny emojis to express feelings. It also has allow users to switch between two emoji modes.

✅Messenger: As a GMP user, you will be able to broadcast a message to the room, or send a private message to another GMP user or a group of GMP users directly. You can add emojis in your messages! Message history are capture in the messenger panel.

✅User Status: GMP users in the meeting can now set their status via top status bar. Also, users can view everyone's status by mouse over the eye icon on the status bar on the top. It also allows custom status. A notification will appear when someone changes status.

✅Help Request: GMP users can now submit a help requests/questions to the meeting host, the priority of the request is tracked and announced as it changes its position in the queue. Help request can also be shared to GMP Messenger

✅Task Management: Receiving tasks from the meeting host, and update the status of the task as the user making progress. Need help option integrates with Help Request system.

✅Trivia Quiz: Enabling GMP users start a trivia competition in two mode(GMP Vanilla Trivia and GMP Bamboozling Trivia). We have around 50K trivia for players to choose from.

✅Link Sharing: GMP users can share images, website and links with other GMP users within the meeting session.

✅Stopwatch: Meet Plus user can start a stopwatch during a meeting session

✅Meeting Timer: Enabling a GMP user to start a timer during a meeting session

✅Mute/Umute Meeting: Enabling GMP users to mute/unmute the audio of current meeting session. Also enabling GMP users to request unmute of a muted user.

✅Minimize/Draggable: GMP can be drag and park anywhere on your screen, also user can minimize it anytime to the meeting control bar.

✅Focus on Google Meet: By clicking on the extension icon of GMP, Google Meet tab will be maximized and focused.

✅As a GMP user, you will be able to see all actions done by GMP PRO user in the same meeting room

✅It's free!: All above mentioned features are free, and we will be adding more features as new ideas pops up.

GMP PRO Features:

GMP PRO offers a set of advanced features in addition to GMP basic features. It requires a monthly subscription. The main goal is to cover our growing infrastructure cost, and deliver more features and quality services for all users.
We are offering 3 days free trial when you subscribe to GMP PRO, so that you can try out GMP PRO features before the subscription starts.

For schools, school districts, institutions and organizations, we offer bulk purchase pricing and annual subscription. We also provide the access to our online License Management System for bulk purchases. Please contact [email protected] for details.

All actions initiated by GMP PRO users are visible to all GMP users.

????Tile Shortcuts: Showing feature shortcuts on every tile of attendees, GMP PRO user can conveniently buzz, ring, chat, mute and turn off camera of other GMP users in the meeting.

????Reward/Redeem/Ranking/Points System: GMP PRO users can award attendees with points, also is able to offer prizes for attendees to redeem. Points and badges awarded to attendees are ranked as part of their achievements.

????Standard Breakout Rooms: Create multiple breakout rooms instantly in an active meeting. This powerful feature allows GMP PRO users to assign meeting participants to different breakout rooms, send them to the rooms, bring them back to the main rooms, moving users between rooms and broadcast messages to the breakout rooms, monitor rooms, quickly focus on a specific room etc.

????AIO Breakout Rooms: AIO stands for All In One. This unique feature allows the meeting host to create breakout rooms within the meeting without sending participants to another room. This will reduce the efforts to manage tabbed breakout rooms drastically as all breakout rooms are in the one room. The host can easily configure breakout rooms and drag and drop participants to different rooms, participants can start their breakout sessions without leaving the current room. Although everyone is having breakout rooms sessions in the same room, but they can only chat with and hear from their own group members.

????File Sharing: GMP PRO users can share files with selected participants in the meeting directly, and monitoring the progress of the file transfer. The recipient can choose to accept or reject the file transfer.

????Private Screen Sharing: GMP PRO users can share tab or screen with selected participants in the meeting directly instead of presenting to all meeting participants. The shared screen will be shown in a draggable, resizable, collapsible and maximizable window.

????Private Voice Chat: Allowing GMP PRO users to launch a private voice chat with a participant or a group of participants without leaving the room. It's integrated with Breakout rooms and Parking lot for help request.

????Highlight Users: Select one or more users to be highlighted in the meeting. Option to turn off other attendees video when this feature is enabled.

????Host's Control Panel: GMP PRO users will be treated as the host of the meeting, and have the power to enable/disable many features, banning users, deny entry, authorize certain GMP PRO features to Non-PRO users, mute all users and auto admitting new guests etc.

????Attendance: GMP PRO users can take attendance in the meeting, recording attendance, and stayed duration and save the data as a CSV file. attendance taking can also be scheduled. History can be saved to users Google Drive.

????Parking lot for help requests: As the host of the meeting, GMP PRO users can now manage requests for help from attendees in a queue. The priority of a request can be adjusted by dragging the request up and down. It also integrated with Breakout rooms and GMP Messenger

????Task: Giving the host ability to create task for the attendees, the status of task is being tracked as users update their task status. Task feature also integrates with Breakout rooms and Help request feature.

????Talking Stick: This feature gives the host the ability to start a round of speaking as configured. The selected participants will have the microphone access in the arranged order while others listen with microphone muted. GMP will manage the speaking duration and microphone access of the participants automatically based on the configuration

????Stats: Providing some useful stats of the meeting and feature usage.

????Real-time Whiteboard Sharing: Enabling participants to share and collaborate on a whiteboard in the meeting. All GMP users in the session can see the drawing in real-time. Only GMP PRO user can draw on the board. Drawing can be downloaded as an image file.

????Instant Poll: Configure & launch an install poll in your meeting session, results can be downloaded, saved, viewed and imported.

????Customized Quiz: GMP PRO users can now create a real-time quiz within an active session, and save the results/scores.

????Sticky Notes: Create and configure sticky notes, notes are saved automatically to your computer. User can show, hide, minimize, delete and share the note with other GMP users in a session

????Messenger: As a GMP PRO user, you will have a shorter wait period between chats. Also, GMP PRO users have option to receive messages from others when the Messenger is disabled.

????Bravo Badges & Fireworks & Animated Messages: As a GMP PRO user, you can launch varies type of fireworks, even with a message. Also you can award badges to other GMP users in the room and send an animated message to the room or another GMP user in the room.

????Inspirational Quotes: Auto delivered when joining the meeting base on your language setting, and user can share the quote. Users can also enter a quote to share with the room, and have the option to print the quote on the bottom bar. We have a selection of more than hundred thousands quotes in all major languages.

????Multimedia Reaction: GMP PRO user can now share Youtube video with the Autoplay option, the shared video can be minimized, maximized and dragged on the screen. Users can also react with many predefined sounds and animated images. You will definitely impress other users with your reactions.

????Personalized Avatar: Changing your avatar on the fly, just find a cool avatar link online and update your avatar using GMP PRO, it accepts animated images too

????Chat Emojis: Embedded GMP emojis on built in Google Meet chat, easy to click and select while chatting.

????Stopwatch/Meeting Timer: GMP PRO users can share their stopwatch or meeting timer with other users during a meeting session

????3 Days Free trial: By subscribing to GMP PRO, you will automatically get 5 days free trial, so that you can try it out before the subscription becomes active.

????Upcoming GMP PRO Features: There are many more new features on our list designed for the GMP PRO users

????All actions done by GMP PRO users are visible by all GMP users in the same room

GMP works best when everyone in the meeting room install it, ask your friends and colleagues to install it today!

❓How we use your data?

GMP only collects your Google Meet's user's name and email in order to identify you and support functionalities of GMP. These information are necessary as we store your reward points and badges in our database.

Our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions can be viewed at https://meet-plus.com/legal.html

❓Permission to accessing to your browser history?

GMP stores its configuration/settings in your browser cache which requires the access to your browser history storage, therefore this permission is required. GMP does not read your browser history other than GMP related configuration/settings.

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