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September 19, 2019

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Used in 400,000+ classrooms worldwide

STORYBIRD STUDIO: A powerful suite of easy-to-use creative, administrative, and social tools for writing, reading, and storytelling in educational settings.

DIGITAL STORYMAKING: Free, unique illustrations spark creativity; book-building makes students of all ages feel like “real authors.”

FLEXIBLE APPLICATION: Adaptable creative tools enhance lesson plans and assignments for any grade level or subject matter.

CURRICULUM BOOSTER: Easily align with your school or district’s teaching standards or classroom curriculum needs.

CELEBRATE STUDENTS AS AUTHORS: Digital and print purchasing options for student books & poems. Or, activate the optional Fundraiser mode to involve families and raise money for your school.

LITERACY BUILDER: Develops enthusiastic writers and readers while teaching media literacy and positive digital citizenship.

FREE & SAFE: Student privacy is protected. Social interactions are classroom-contained.

SIMPLE SET-UP: Assign, give feedback, grade, and monitor student activity from any device using your educator dashboard. Students can get started in minutes.

IMMERSIVE & FUN: Even reluctant readers and writers enjoy Storybird’s empowering creative formula.

Educational experts praise Storybird:

“An awesome tool” – Edutopia

“Brilliant” – BBC

"A gem" – Oxford University Press

"Boosts Literacy" – Edweek

"Knocked my socks off" – School Library Journal

“Amazing” – Wired

“Whether using it for classroom projects or simply to get students excited about writing, Storybird is a must have for any 21st century classroom.”—Andrea Baerwald, classroom teacher

““The new tools make Storybird THE option for creative writing in schools.” – Peter Richardson, ed-tech blogger and educator

“Beginning to see almost limitless appeal of Storybird to all curriculum areas.” – @bellaale

“Simple to use and endlessly extendable.” – @theDigitalNarrative

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Extore is a team of professionals who are passionate about creating extensions for web browsers. This devotion also gives us opportunity to appreciate work of other people. We get inspired by useful, open source extensions made by developers all over the world. Our strong belief is that one should share helpful add-ons with others. That’s why we’d like to present you our ever-growing list of favourite extensions that have inspired us. Moreover, as you probably have already learned, sometimes struggling for the best brings an end to the good. Talking about add-ons it often turns out that an upgrade is worse then previous version. Also it can become really tricky to get back to the beloved version of your favourite extension. That’s why we’re going to make not only the latest, but all versions of our favourite (and we hope yours too) add-ons available for download. No more compromises, just stick to the version you really like!