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September 24, 2019

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MetaCert is a unique security solution that tells you which links are safe, and which websites you can actually trust. You will never worry about dangerous links and dangerous websites again.

✔ Protection against phishing
✔ Protection against malware
✔ Protection against ransomware
✔ Protection against cryptomining

How it works

MetaCert installs a new shield on your browser toolbar. Whenever you open a link via email, Slack, Skype or any other channel, MetaCert will tell you when you are safe by turning the shield green.

✔ Green Shield = Verified as Safe
✔ Black Shield = Unknown so proceed with caution
✔ Warning Page = Dangerous

Full protection within minutes

- Takes 30 seconds to install
- Takes 60 seconds to learn how to use it

MetaCert is designed to work seamlessly with all other security systems.


- $3.99 per month for personal use
- $9.99 per month for families

- Please get in touch for a team discount [email protected]

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)
- Please get in touch if you would like to bundle MetaCert with your existing offerings. MetaCert works seamlessly alongside every other security solution on the market.

Why you can no longer trust the browser padlock

90% of all new phishing URLs display a padlock
43% of all new malware URLs display a padlock
71% of all new illegal URLs display a padlock

The way we use information

MetaCert does not use any analytics or spy on your activity in any way. We really hate that kind of thing.

MetaCert does not require you to create a user account or sign into it to use it. You use the add-on in a completely anonymous way.

We do not use cookies to collect or store any kind of information about you.

We will never opt you into any email marketing campaigns. If you use MetaCert you will not get targeted with any remarketing or adverts. We will not try to cross-sell other services to you.

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