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September 18, 2019

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Teaming up for work is no doubt fun; but here's why you'll have more fun with Zoho Connect:

●Your organization's very own private social network complete with administrative control, governance and user roles.
●With Zoho Connect, you can create an internal network exclusively for your employees, and external networks to bring together all the other stakeholders.
●With Groups, you can get your team together in and provide them with the ideal space, and collaboration tools to work together, and get things done efficiently.
●You get your own personal feed to keep you updated, a company feed to discuss as one whole unit, and also a group wall that gives teams a neat little space to talk about anything they want.
●The 'social' in your workplace- With the ability to comment and reply to comments, like and share posts,and write your own blog, you can turn every post into an engaging conversation with your co-workers.

●Foster inter-office communication by starting polls and getting to know what ideas your co-workers think work best. You can create events, and invite your teams to be a part of it, and you can manage work by assigning tasks to co-workers, and also to yourself.
●With Zoho Connect, you get real-time messaging, a super cool chat tool that lets you have a voice or video call with anyone in your network, and chatrooms exclusively for your teams.
● Create and collaborate on documents from within Zoho Connect, and share them with your teams. You can organize them into folders and sub-folders, so that, you will always know where to find them.
●Finding the right information when you need it is not that easy. This is why Zoho Connect gives you a powerful search tool, that lets you find things within the network, exactly when you need them.
●Great ideas can, sometimes, come from the most unexpected places. With Forums, you can crowd source ideas and solutions, not just from your team, but from the entire company.
●Using Wikis, you can, with ease share everything you know on specific topics with each other, and also, you get to hear from the in-house experts.
● Build your own app to suit the needs of your team with the Custom Apps tool. No coding needed; just drag and drop the things you need, and the app is ready in no time.
● With Integrations with third-party apps like Asana, GitHub, and other Zoho apps, all the updates you need can be brought together on a single page.
●With the need to accomplish more faster, working on the go is important for teams. Download our iOS and Android app, for when you are away from your desk, and get the job done.

With better collaboration within the company, work gets done more efficiently. Sign up for Zoho Connect for free, and redefine team collaboration.

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