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September 25, 2019

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version 1.2.5  - Download ZIP file


This Chrome extension allows you to heavily enhance your plug.dj experience.

It automatically loads RCS when you open plug.dj.

--==[ Main Functions ]==--
* Custom Community Styling!
* Smart Vote
* AutoWoot
* AutoGrab
* AutoLeave
* AutoJoin
* Chat Images
* AFK Automatic Responder
* RCS, TastyPlug, BTTV, FFZ and All Twitch Emotes
* Special Chat Formatting _Style your chat_
* Keyboard Shortcuts
* Desktop Notifications
* Prevent Accidental Closing!

--==[ Notifications ]==--
* User Votes (When you play)
* User Join / Leave
* Level 1 Join / Leave
* Friend Join / Leave
* Staff Join / Leave
* User Woot
* User Meh
* User Grab
* Now Playing
* Just played
* Booth Alerts
* Friends Online / Offline
* XP and PP (plug Points) Earning

--==[ Custom Styling ]==--
* Work Mode (With or Without Video)
* Hide Video
* Fullscreen Chat
* Fullscreen Video
* Alternative Styling
* Hide the Video Frame
* Custom chat suggestions
* Alternative header style
* Alternative footer styling
* New visualizers
* Compact History View
* Legacy chat
* Legacy Footer
* Lightbox images!
* Larger chat box as you type
* Larger grab menu
* TV Mode!

--==[ Flexible Customization ]==--
* Completely custom CSS Styling control
* Change the background
* Change the chat colors
* Change the chat sounds (When mentioned)
* Custom mention highlights
* Change the chat limit (Default: 512)
* Change the Emoji you use and its size!

--==[ Advanced Moderation Tools ]==--
* Inline user information (Shows level and ID)
* Quick rollover tools
* Chat logs (in console)
* Chat history (Export the rooms chat history!)
* User Meh combo! (When the meh consecutively)
* History checking
* Song duration alerts
* Show deleted chat messages

--==[ Other Things ]==--
* Supporter Options
* Brand Ambassador Tools
* Multiple Languages
* Special Badges for Translators, VIP, and Donators
* Automatic Updates
* Import and Export your settings (Backups!)

The Radiant Development team strived to make sure that this extension for plug.dj looked nice, sleek, easy to use and most of all crammed packed full of goodies and features to wet the appetite of all users of our addon. We hope you enjoy all the wonderful features as much as we enjoyed slaving the hours into it!

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