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Destiny Discover (Beta)



Follett School Solutions, Inc.







January 23, 2018

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The new Destiny Discover™ extension* allows you to retrieve resources such as books, eBooks, Lightbox titles, WebPath™ Express and more through a quick Google search – offerings from your library management system will be displayed at the top of standard Google search result pages.

Simply install the new Destiny Discover extension, visit gofollett.com and find the name of the school you want to search. Your extension will be automatically configured. It's that easy.

Are you thinking about using the extension but wondering...why is the Destiny Discover Chrome extension in beta?

We’re new - this is an early version of the extension. You should be prepared to find things that don’t work perfectly. Please send us feedback on how to make it better by submitting a request at https://www.follettsoftware.com/customerportal/contact_suggest.cfm. The more feedback you give us, the better!

We’re working on making installation simpler – there is currently no way to configure the extension on behalf of your users. We are working with districts to improve this process to make the process much more seamless.

We’re small but growing – right now, our search only includes ebooks, WebPath results, and physical books in your library. We’ll be adding other resources over time to make sure we have the ones you are looking for. Our goal is to return all types of resources, so please be patient with us.

We’re getting smarter – over time, we will be updating our processes to ensure that your search results get smarter. This means sometimes you will get search results that may not seem like the best match. If that happens, please let us know how we can improve!

We love feedback – as a new tool, we’re sure you can find lots to criticize – and we want to hear about it so we can make it better! Please send your criticism to us at https://www.follettsoftware.com/customerportal/contact_suggest.cfm before you post it on your blog.

*The Destiny Discover extension is available for download by individual users or can be deployed across multiple sites using the district’s Chrome profile. Requires Follett Destiny 13.5 AU1 or higher. Compatible with Destiny Library Manager.

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