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May 31, 2021

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WhenX is building a new way of applicant tracking, optimized for speed and simplicity. It enables you to save the current status of a candidate in a note on the profile, so that you can navigate Linkedin faster. Your notes are then automatically synchronized to your search results, so that you can recognize your candidates on the search engines.
If you invite your team you can view and collaborate on your team's candidate notes and recruit with the collective candidate knowledge of your team.

It is designed for recruiting teams who don't want to waste time and money on traditional applicant tracking systems and would rather use a swift light weight applicant tracking solution.


It boosts your searching speed by embedding the notes you collect about webpages into the place you need it the most, your search results! Instead of isolated note taking apps, Embedding a note about a web page to the page itself enables you to differentiate between search results you already know from past searches.

WhenX Notes are different from other note taking apps. You visit a website and take a note with something to remember about this website. Next time you visit that website you see a subtle notification with your note. It's Notes that you don't need to search for in a directory of notes, they come in your way, only when you need them.

???? Featured in SourceCon, MakeUseOf, CHIP, GadgetHacks and many others ????

????️ Web Notes
Finally, notes that you actually find back, only when you need them.
✓ Take a note on any web page (ALT + X)
✓ If this webpage appears in your search results, the note appears right beside it
✓ Get notified about your note, whenever you open this web page
✓ Manage all your notes in the dashboard

????️ Linkedin™ Notes (For Recruiters & Sales)
Create a candidate pipeline for your sourcing.
✓ Take a note on any Linkedin profile you see
✓ Select candidate status like ‘Contacted’, ‘Favorite’ or ‘Rejected’
✓ See your note whenever you open this Linkedin profile
✓ See your notes beside search results when you X-ray Linkedin
✓ Update your candidate status at any time
✓ Update your candidate status at any time
✓ Manage all your candidates in the dashboard
✓ Applicant Tracking System for Sourcing
✓ COMING SOON: share your candidate status among your team to source collaboratively.

???? Timestamps
Differentiate between search results by knowing when you opened them.
✓ Adds a tag with your last visit time (we call it Timestamp) next to the link!
✓ Helps you re-find webpages you visited before
✓ Gives you a time context about when you searched for certain topics.
✓ No need to search through your history
✓ Works retrospectively, for pages visited before even installing the extension
✓ Find that page you saw ‘3 days ago’
✓ Gives you a time context about when you searched for certain topics.
✓ No action needed. Timestamps appear automatically beside previously visited search results

???? Favorites
Like Search Results that you want to highlight for your next searches.
✓ Instead of bookmarking a page, which doesn’t help you when you are searching, ‘Like’ the search result to make it stand out in your next searches
✓ If a favorite webpage appears in your search results, a heart icon appears right beside it
✓ Manage all your Likes in the dashboard

☆☆☆ Used by employees at Uber, Google, Twitter, by top recruiting teams and by researchres in 380 universities ☆☆☆

WhenX is used by thousands of companies for:
✓ Recruiting / Headhunting
✓ Searching for Leads and managing the status of the lead
✓ Research and Development
✓ Market Research
✓ Searching for Programming Questions
✓ Professional Searching
✓ Interactive Bookmarking

???? Re-find web pages
Instead of bookmarking every page you might need in the future, timestamps and notes help you identify webpages you have seen before, when you search for them.

???? Avoid irrelevant links
A timestamp with a recent date like 'yesterday' or '8 hours ago' helps you avoid opening pages you recently explored, hence saves time reopening them.

???? Keep track of your searching progress
Timestamps and Notes enable you to continue searching where you last stopped. Search results you already know will be tagged with timestamps and notes and you can focus on exploring new content.

???? Embedded in your workflow
You search Google as usual, without going to a separate interface or directory, and Timestamps & Notes are displayed beside links.

???? Keeps your privacy
WhenX uses your local browser history, locally. Your history is not sent to any server and doesn't leave your local machine.

Join 40k users who boost their workflow using WhenX. Our user groups include:

➤ Recruiters and Headhunters (for managing their candidates pipeline)
➤ Outreach Sales (for managing leads)
➤ Developers (stack overflow questions)
➤ Students and Researchers (for researching)
➤ Frequent Searchers

WhenX is trusted by over 40,000 professionals and recruiters around the World. Here’s what some of our users have said:

“I’m a recruiter and I open hundreds of Linkedin profiles per day and was looking for a way to keep track of my candidates before adding them to our applicant tracking system. I’ve previously used tools such as Asana, Streak, Evernote, Todoist, Any.do, Trello, however they’re all focused on managing the candidates inside a tool. I need a way to recognize linkedin profiles I checked before, while Im searching for them. WhenX solved this problem in a simple and affordable way. Honestly, it’s the most productive Chrome extension I’ve used in years. Thanks WhenX!”

“We needed a project management tool for our searches. We tried using Trello, Evernote and other todo list tools for that. All great solutions but they are all isolated from the search engine. WhenX allowed us to add notes which are visible in Google Search.”

"Switched to chrome to install it! I was heavily searching the same topic for a couple of days when I realised I need to know which articles I opened recently or long ago. Very useful."

"WhenX helps me search for programming questions faster. It tells me the time I opened which stack overflow link and I can open the right link faster."

"I am a recruiter and the extension is a must :)"

"I've actually been needing something like this as I do a lot of quick google research for work - saves me time going through my history!"

Learn more about WhenX pricing plans at www.whenx.io/pricing.html

Questions or feature requests ? We would love to hear from you. Please chat with us at https://www.whenx.io Or send us an email to [email protected]

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