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View Image Info (properties)

Get properties(including dimensions, URL, file size, file type info) of the image your cursor is pointing to via context menu.

Minecraft Full HD Custom New Tab

Chrome new tab extension customized with Minecraft Full HD Wallpapers.

VidAngel for Chrome

Enhance your VidAngel experience!

Audi R8 New Tab & Wallpapers Collection

Audi R8 New Tab Extension brings a new look to your Chrome browser.

Makeblock mBot for Scratch X

bugfix for chromebook. Chrome App Project Source : https://github.com/mbotx/chrome-mbot-app On the ScratchX website, you can play…

Amazon Cloud Drive

Anything Digital, Securely Stored, Available Anywhere.

Coloring Pages

The Best Coloring Pages to Print or Color Online!



Pulse Secure

Securely Access Your Business Applications and Data

ADB for Chrome

Screenshots, recordings, and command prompts on your Android device

Smart Websocket Client

A Debugging tool to help you test Websocket APIs


#1 Free CRM and Project Management app for small business. Up to 2 users completely free forever.

Content Farm Blocker

Preventing to open content farm by mistake

Better Battlelog (BBLog)

Worldwide Leading Battlelog Browser Addon! Add many improvements and new features - for example stunning weapon information.

Universal Cinematizer

Franchising everything, one web page at a time

Zoho Calendar

Online Calendaring. Quick and Easy

Pokémon X New Tab & Wallpapers Collection

Pokémon X New Tab Extension brings a new look to your Chrome browser.


BookFlix is an online literacy resource that pairs classic video storybooks with related nonfiction e-books.

Head Ball 2 Wallpapers and New Tab

Give your Chrome a new look with Head Ball 2 wallpapers.

Functionize Architect

Functionize extension for Architect

Bookmark Favicon Changer

Change bookmark favicon

TranslationBuddy for Chrome

Get access to web and text translations, multilanguage virtual keyboards, and more with this Chrome New Tab Extension.

ThoughtQ EN Edu

Discover 'thought triggers' to help you search and find relationships of information.

Asphalt 9 legends New Tab Theme

Asphalt 9 legends New Tab Extension brings a new look to your Chrome browser.

Bookmark Manager Speed Dial | Papaly

Bookmark Manager that helps with Organization, Syncing across browsers and platforms

Watch Netflix Together

Effortlessly watch Netflix together!


Blacklist is a very simple website blocker designed for personal use.

FlyOrDie Backgammon

Multiplayer online Backgammon game. Play against others over the Internet.

Classwork Zoom for Google Classroom™

Extension for Google Classroom™

GRE 5000 Words in 120 Days

Web app with cloud storage; Fast method to prepare GRE; 120 days; 5000 words; Great free vocabulary resource at Internet!

Sejda PDF Editor

PDF Editor. Edit, sign, compress, convert to office or image, split and merge PDF documents.

Tiki-Toki Timeline Software

Create beautiful interactive timelines that you can share on the web

英辞郎 on the WEB 拡張機能

アルクが公開している英和・対訳オンライン検索サービス「英辞郎 on the WEB」を、その場で便利に検索できる拡張機能です。「英辞郎 on the WEB Pro / Pro Lite」にも対応。※「英辞郎」は道端早知子氏の登録商標です。

EZLynx Carrier Integration

Easily log in to carrier websites from EZLynx

Web Ad Blocker

Blocks web ads and web activity trackers, helping your pages load faster and protecting your privacy.

Unsplash For Chrome

Quickly search and insert beautiful free photos from Unsplash on any web page.

Insomnia REST Client

Store, organize, and execute API requests in a beautiful and elegant interface.


Lean project management, simplified. Kanban tool with support for the Pomodoro Technique.

Star Se7en

Bring Apple's iOS 7 feel to Chrome with "Star Se7en"…

Fiery Music

Fiery Music. For other themes please visit : www.chromePoster.com

Apex Legends Caustic New Tab

Apex Legends Caustic New Tab Extension brings a new look to your Chrome browser.

UK TV Live

Watch UK, United Kingdom TV Live. Enjoy a variety of channels!!

Search by image on Aliexpress

Search goods by image on Aliexpress


Free Hexagon Puzzle

Find Email

Find Email in seconds – Free Email Finder for LinkedIn


SimpleDraw is a no frills drawing application for sketching out ideas. It’s not a program for creating art. You won’t find any…

God of War New Tab & Wallpapers Collection

God of War New Tab Extension brings a new look to your Chrome browser.

macOS Mojave Dark Mode

A theme designed to seamlessly blend into macOS Mojave's Dark Mode.

GSM MailMerge

Mail Merge with Google Sheets and Google Mail. Send easy and fast personalized emails! The app is complete free and not limited!

iKnow! ポップアップ辞書

WEBサイトに出てくる英単語の意味をマウスオーバーするだけで簡単に調べられる、iKnow! 公式のポップアップ英和辞書です。