Dailymotion Downloader

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How It Works: Once installed the extension adds a “Download” button that should be used to populate a list with all types of video Formats for downloading.

To download Dailymotion video – click the “Download” button, select the required format, save video file to your HDD and you’re done..! Private Video Downloads are also Supported.

Important Notice Click on the link while holding Alt / Option or Ctrl Key to download file or alternatively use right Click and Save Links as an Option
To Avoid Broken Link Please first wait until Video is at least 20% cached and after that start Downloading

Supported Formats: all standard Dailymotion video qualities can be selected for download – 240p, 380p, 480p, 720p, 1080p.

Embedded Video Support: You can also download videos directly from embedded DailyMotion players. Just hover a cursor on the screen and press the “Download” button at the Top Right Corner. Then save your video in desired quality.


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