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Troubleshooting Google Chrome Extensions

Extore provides only trustworthy, fully functional extensions, which are tested by our team. However, there might appear some issues with add-ons for Google Chrome. The general problem resulting in nine out of ten cases is rather simple and can be solved just in a few clicks.

Actually it’s more about avoiding undesirable clicks by mistake. Here is the deal. As you already know, Extore provides only open source extensions and the only way to install an add-on outside the official Chrome Web Store is to use the Developer Mode (see How to install). And that’s exactly why the issue appears – Chrome web browser keeps on checking for extensions running in Developer Mode and suggests you to stop using them, if you’re not a developer yourself.

You can get this standard pop-up message from a browser telling you to Disable developer mode or to skip the notification by using a Cancel button. And the reason for most cases of add-ons not working at all is that the Disable button is pressed instead of Cancel. It’s really that simple. You just have to decline the option of disabling Developer Mode proposed by the web browser.

So, if there is an issue with some extension, you should first check whether Developer Mode is still enabled. There is no need to reinstall an add-on, just visit chrome://extensions/ and make sure that you haven’t turned it off accidentally.

If this doesn't help then you’ve got something to report about. Send us an email describing your problem with an extension and we’ll be glad to help you!