How does it work?

Extore is a web store providing open source add-ons for downloading and installing outside the official Chrome Web Store. All extensions are free and fully functional. To make it work simply download a .zip file, unpack it and install add-on using developer mode (see How to install).

Why do I have to install extension in the developer mode?

There are two ways to install the extensions in Chromium web browser. Since we are not providing add-ons from the official Chrome web store due to possible limitations of functionality, the only way to install an open source extension is to use developer mode that can be regarded as a back door for advanced users.

Why can't I use vendor chrome store?

Extore provides safe, fully functional, ad-free, open source extensions with no restrictions in place. While Chrome web store applies strict policies strongly reducing functionality or even removing add-ons, which are considered to be violating it's Terms of providing services.

Where are my extensions stored?

You can find all the extensions in your Extensions Folder. To find out where it is located on your computer go to chrome://version and check the Profile Path."

Which file format is used for extensions?

We provide .ZIP-formatted extensions for download. Basically, it is the same as .CRX, which is by the way not supported by Chromium if not downloaded from official Web Store.

How can I help the project?

The best you can do to help the project is to download and enjoy our extensions! We'd also appreciate your comments regarding Extore and add-ons we provide. And of course we won't reject any financial support to develop the project.