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About Extore

What is extore.space?

Extore is an multi-browser webstore which provides free Apps, Extensions, Plugins, Addons, UserScripts, Themes and Tools which can enhance your browser experience.
Supported browsers – Chrome | Opera | Firefox | Yandex | Chromium

Extore Only Offer OPENSOURCE Browsers addons in their standard format mean that our addons are completely free of any Ad- or Spyware and do not not install any Toolbars, Search Providers or other annoying stuff!

Why we launched Extore?

1-Prevent Spamming
Of course there are other websites providing Userscripts and different addons, and they provide free accounts to users for uploading addons/scripts on website showcase. Even those websites’ quality has deteriorated greatly in recent times due to the fact that 95% of scripts don’t work, moreover spam and malicious script are pushed to the website regularly.

Extore doesn’t offer any accounts for users. Each addon / script is totally safe, bug-free and 100% reviewed from us… Most of those addons are developed by Extore team

2-Strict Policies of browsers web stores
Each browser has own policies and each browser allows limited addon’s functionality in the webstore. There are three main browsers Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox.

Opera addons store is so much boring because there are just a few useful extensions in the store.

Mozila Firefox has too many addons because it approves every single useless addon! And support of any particular addon goes off, it will still appear among search results. They just don’t care! 60% addons are not working… But here is a big competitive name GOOGLE CHROME Which forces us to launch extore.space

Chrome WebStore Policies Change every day.They don’t allow products or services that encourage, facilitate or enable the unauthorized access, download or streaming of copyrighted content or media. This is a big problem for users as other browsers allow those types of activities.

Videos protected by copyright such as videos from Vevo, Warner Bros, Sony Music, etc. are not allowed to be downloaded. Youtube, Vimeo, Vkontakte Videos downloading is also not allowed.

So every day Chrome team removes a lot of useful extensions which violate Chrome’s Terms,

They also do not allow direct installation of Chrome extensions from outside of Chrome Web Store, The only way to Install Chrome extensions from outside is Developer Mode Installation Method. There is no different way to install any extension in Google Chrome Browser Except Developer Mode.


Remember: Never accept browser’s addon from any website in (application) EXE Format.
Download only Opensource Browsers' Addons, standard formats are given
Chrome: Zip or CRX | FireFox: Xpi | Opera: Zip, CRX, NEX